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  • Info:
    • Updates have been made to exp.o Booking. Please click on the “Help” link and view the “What’s New as of April 2014” summary for details.
  • exp.o Booking is an innovative web based tool developed by Expeditors. It enables you to book electronically, receive notifications, arrange pickups, track shipments and generate documentation online.


    • Enhanced productivity with custom templates making it easy to process repetitive shipments quickly and accurately.
    • Quickly book and schedule shipments electronically with Expeditors without having to pick up the phone.
    • Easy access to notifications which can be sent to you and your customer informing you that the order has been booked and provides you with a tracking number to follow the shipment every step of the way.
    • Reliable export documentation can be:
      • uploaded,
      • quickly generated in the system,
      • easily accessed online,
      • and sent to you or your customers by email.
    Through the web browser, exp.o Booking is directly linked to Expeditors' global tracking system exp.o Tracking and Reporting, providing you with views and other functions to manage the entire shipping process.


    For general exp.o Booking issues and questions regarding access, contact your local Expeditors representative.
    For Technical or Functionality related issues and questions, use the link below: